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Only Lemon Proof Customers are eligible to report a potential lemon. Lemon Proof Customers who believe their vehicle may be a lemon can report their potential claim by completely filling out the form below. To qualify as a lemon under the terms of the Lemon Proof Contract the vehicle must meet the following definition:

A “Lemon”, under the terms of this Agreement, is an automobile with repeated, unfixable problems that qualifies as a lemon under the Texas Lemon Law. To qualify as a Lemon, the Vehicle must have a “substantial defect” both covered by warranty and not repairable after a reasonable number of attempts. A “substantial defect” is defined as a problem that affects the car’s operation, value or safety, such as, but not limited to, faulty brakes, defective transmission or defective steering. To be qualified as a Lemon under this Agreement, a certified manufacturer’s dealer authorized to sell and service the manufacturer’s new vehicles must fail to repair the substantial defect after three separate independent repair visits made for the expressed purpose of fixing the substantial defect. Additionally, if the Vehicle is in the service/repair department of a certified manufacturer’s dealer for 30 days or more due to a substantial defect, it also qualifies as a Lemon.

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